About the Trust

Who was WF Southall?

The WF Southall Trust was started in 1937, by Wilfred Francis Southall, a Birmingham Quaker. His granddaughter is currently writing a paragraph on him, which will be posted here shortly.

You can download the 1937 trust document as a PDF here

Ethical investment policy

The investments of the WF Southall Trust are managed according to ethical criteria defined by the trustees, so that the income is generated from sources compatible with the Trust’s objectives. Our investments are managed by Rathbones Greenbank, who use an in-house ethical research team to understand and interpret environmental, social and ethical issues in relation to investment.

The Southall Trust is a Trust which acts on Quaker principles and its policies reflect the values of The Religious Society of Friends. The Trust is committed to supporting Quaker work, and initiatives which try to create a just and peaceful society. Emphasis is given to supporting relatively small grass roots innovative projects where the funding can make a real difference. The Trust does not normally support mainstream education or healthcare establishments, and does not give gifts to individuals. It is not an official Quaker charity.

1st November 2004, Minute 11

The 1937 Trust document for the original W F Southall Trust stated that the funds were to be held upon trust as to both capital and income for all or any of the following charitable objects or purposes in such proportions as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion from time to time determine (then followed a long list of Charities then supported) and the following words were added a the end of the list “and any other Charities having like or similar purposes to the above”.

5th November 2007, Minute 2 (e) part

The K & P Southall Trust‘s primary objectives were environmental and conservation interests and the Trustees policy is to continue this emphasis in the amalgamated fund.
It was noted that the K & P Southall Charitable Trust laid emphasis on the donations for nature Conservation and Environmental Matters. The Trustees confirmed that they wished to continue this emphasis in the amalgamated Trust

26th February 2000, Minute 7 (b) (part)